Place in Print No1 Croydon Art Poster Print

No.1 Croydon

Limited Edition Giclée Art Print
Place in Print No1 Croydon Art Poster Print
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No.1 Croydon is an instantly recognisable landmark on the Croydon skyline in South London. The building, also known as the 50p Building or the Threepenny Bit Building, was constructed in 1970 and has recently undergone significant refurbishment. Although considered by some to be an eyesore, we think that it's a great example of 1970s architecture!

This limited edition giclee print celebrates the building's architecture in all its glory. A striking blue sky offsets the limited colour palette used on the building itself. A great addition to the home for any Croydon resident, 1970s architecture fan or simply those looking for a bright new architectural image.

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