Earlier this year, we were thrilled to be commissioned by Team London Bridge to work on a set of 13 designs to celebrate the various landmarks and attractions found around London Bridge. A couple of months of hard work later, and we are excited to see the designs now in situ.

The work started with a discussion with our client about which attractions were to be included. Then set about the task of taking photos that we could use to base our design work on - more complicated than it sounds, as this initial image determines the perspective and elements of the building to be depicted. Once the views were approved, we were off!

Along the way we were lucky to be given a private tour of the View from the Shard - pretty cool.

Place in Print London Bridge Banners - The Shard
Not the usual view from the Shard

A couple of (fairly busy) months later, and our work was done. We left our designs in the capable hands of Bay Media, who handled the printing and installation of the banners. 60 locations around London Bridge now feature our artwork!

Place in Print London Bridge Banners

Just when we thought that our work was done, we got a call asking us to work some of the designs into a set of posters to be used as advertisements on the London Underground network. Naturally, we were pretty excited about this and set to work. Here is the end result, and a photo snapped by one of our friends who spotted a poster in situ somewhere underground!

Place in Print London Bridge Banners - Tube Ad

We're really pleased with the end results, so pleased in fact that we have chosen to release the majority of the designs as limited edition prints, available online now.