The Place in Print journal is home to our occasional thoughts and ramblings, news, views and pictures of the studio hound.

Place in Print Meet the Maker Mercedes Leon
Wednesday 10th November 2021
Map maker and illustrator extraordinaire Mercedes Leon is responsible for some of our best-selling products, including her "Walk Around" map series.
Place in Print Journal Indie and Co Gallery Wall
Friday 30th April 2021
We have something a bit different for you this week. We sat down with Celine from interior design company Indie & Co to get the low-down on her business, some tips for designing our own homes, and her thoughts on some of our artwork.
Place in Print Journal Pate Interview
Tuesday 20th April 2021
We sat down with one of our longest-serving collaborators, Pâté on Toast (a.k.a. Paul Pateman), to find out about the man behind our 'neighbourhood pun' collection. On the menu - the origin of his moniker, influences, top tips and favourite designs.
Place in Print South Bank Cut-Outs
Wednesday 29th June 2016

The Place in Print studio has recently begin work on a collection of mid-century inspired patterns that feature famous areas of London. The first up is the South Bank in Central London. Keep reading to find out exactly how we did it, and to get an insight into our design process.